When you’re free of egoic will, your actions are the actions of the universe.
— Anthony Paul Moo-Young (Mooji)

The Importance of You

Shifts in the world stage are calling on more from people, more out of people. What is being asked of us? That we touch the core of our gifts and share them with the world. It's a new economy of spirit that is built less on pre-defined roles and norms, and more on the activation of inner vision and the connection of that vision to the good of the whole.  

That's the purpose of Dream Brightly. To help you and I, the whole of us, live a brighter life, a better life. This life is informed by our deepest knowing and understanding, and it benefits the world because it is its sole purpose to do so. You are an avenue for that–that's just how important you are. 


Coaching and The Work with Dream Brightly helps you shed your old skin and step into the new one that awaits each of us. It helps you challenge your beliefs, dive deeper into your strength and knowing, and then activate that in your personal life and the broader world around you. So, take the step, take the journey. Dream Brightly.

Michael S. Wright / Michael@dreambrightly.com