To find the power you long for now, look for what is hidden just beyond what you are believing to be true.
— Byron Katie, Creator of The Work

byron Katie's The Work

The Work is an inquiry process created by Byron Katie, a fiercely compassionate and world-renowned spiritual teacher. It involves asking targeted questions that test the ultimate truth of our limiting beliefs, giving us the opportunity to directly encounter the open heart and balanced mind––a mind without stress, limitation, and conflict.    

Do You Want Freedom?

At Dream Brightly, The Work is used in coaching engagements or by itself as a powerful means to find greater clarity, power, and peace. It gives us a means to question the beliefs we've held that have caused our suffering, and directs us inward for new understandings that eventually allow those beliefs to lose their grip. The Work also actively invites the emergence of a range of new and fresh possibilities. On the other side, we are left more in our true nature, as freer, kinder, more peaceful human beings.   


More information and free resources on The Work can be found at  In addition, Byron Katie's seminal book, Loving What Is, is an excellent starting point for those desiring to know more about The Work.