Why coaching and The Work?

Coaching and The Work both provide a means to increase our awareness of the vast terrain of our inner world–where we can discover our purpose and connect with our greatest gifts. Each invites all aspects of that world to the table in a constructive frame that is used to help us acknowledge, explore, and transcend. Once we have found higher ground, we are empowered to let it guide our next steps.

There is healing on this journey. A key part of each approach is our daring to face long held blocks and limitations, so that we might know them in a new and conscious light. By bringing them more fully into our awareness, they can finally release into the vastness of our true Self–giving us further energy and lighting a brighter light for our path.

All changes begin within, and are led by our own wisdom. Connecting more deeply to that wisdom reorients us, and gives cause for our external experience to shift. Once that happens, we come to see our old world fade out of view, as we move into a new and higher version of our selves.